Book Application

To obtain books, a non-profit group fills out a simple two-page form and submits it to one of our two distribution persons as listed on the application. Our primary criterion is that at least 50% of the children served by the non-profit applicant group qualify as economically underprivileged by some objective criterion, such as living in subsidized housing or receiving free or subsidized lunches at school. All children served by the agency receive books if 50% or more quality as economically needy.

Once an application is approved, the non-profit arranges with our distribution person to meet at our headquarters, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 2216 Peach St., Erie, PA. A map showing the location is on our application form. The applicant non-profit organization then selects from our current inventory appropriate books for the children and/or youth it serves. We ask you to bring your own boxes.

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